The Cires

We are The Cires


We are a band from Hayward CA, made up of three brothers. Coming from a third generation musicians coming from a large Latin American family inspired by Mexican and American artist including Mana, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, CCR,The Black Keys, and many classic and modern rock and roll. We Officially became a band in 1999 playing in our old trailer just jamming to our favorite Beatles songs. We are currently working on our album with our original songs, performing in every venue we can. And just loving the seen that our music brings to the new ears that dig our music.

Vocals, Guitar / Isaac Soto

Bass, Vocals / Edwin Soto

Drums, Vocals / Shannon Soto


News & Updates


Local Bilingual-Spanish Alternative Rock Band Aims High

“The Cires” enthusiastically share the story of their dedication, drive and achievement since 1999 that has led them to where they are now.

Their uniqueness comes from their union; three brothers who are bilingual in Spanish and English, as well as their belief that through music, by playing together they will stay together.



by The Cires

This song is a single from our new EP coming out February. Stay tuned for the release, avaliable on all other online retailers and streaming services coming soon!!